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Chances are, things have changed since you first took out your mortgage.

Your home might now be worth a fair bit more than your outstanding mortgage, so you could save by switching to a better deal. You may be earning a bit more than you were, but maybe your mortgage is inflexible and doesn’t let you increase the payments. Maybe you’re coming to the end of a fixed-term or discounted deal, so it’s time to see if you can do better than your current lender’s standard rate (this is actually called a mortgage product transfer.) Or you may be looking to release some equity to carry out home improvements or consolidate debts.

A good mortgage adviser will find the best deals for you, and will provide you with illustrations that show exactly how much each mortgage will cost including fees, so you can easily compare. This requires a lot of expertise because every lender has different criteria, and you don't want to have a declined application on your credit history. Our advisers know the market back to front because they have been researching the market for years - day in, day out.

Whether remortgaging or looking to switch your mortgage, why not contact us to see how much we can save you?

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