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Property Surveys

Property Surveys

A property survey is a report carried out by a qualified surveyor, which provides information on the condition of a property and its value. There are different types of survey depending on how much detail you need. In Scotland, sellers have to provide a copy of a Home Report which gives the property's market value, its condition, and its environmental rating. You may wish to also commission a more detailed survey, especially if the property is older or if the Home Report indicates any repairs are needed.

Property Surveys in Scotland

The Home Report

In Scotland when a home is put on the market, the seller must provide a Home Report for would-be buyers, which must contain:

The Single Survey

The Single Survey is a report which gives information on the state of repair, decorative condition and value of the property. It also includes a list of any issues which need to be addressed, with an indication of urgency. A single survey does not investigate any issues that would require damage to be done to the property, such as boring holes in the walls or woodwork. The surveyor cannot put themselves or the property owner in danger when carrying out this survey, so for example, heavy furniture will not be moved. The single survey also includes an accessibility audit. This report gives information on the suitability of the property for parents with young children, older people and people with mobility difficulties.

Energy Report

The Energy Report gives information on the home’s current and potential energy efficiency and gives any recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the home.

Property Questionnaire

The Property Questionnaire is a series of questions which are answered by the property owner, covering topics such as the property’s council tax band, arrangements for any communal areas and any alterations you have made to the home.

Scheme 1, 2 and 3 Surveys

There are three other types of property surveys available in Scotland:

Scheme 1

A Scheme 1 survey is a basic report giving the value of the property. This can be useful if you want to remortgage, but it does not give much detail about the condition of the property.

Scheme 2

A Scheme 2 survey is a more detailed inspection of the property, including any roof spaces if they are accessible. Any significant issues affecting the value and any urgent repairs needed will be commented on.

Scheme 3

A Scheme 3 is a thorough structural survey which should give you a good idea if the property has any major problems. If the surveyor does find any problems they may suggest further specialist surveys are carried out for issues such as the drains, subsidence or any nearby trees which may affect the property.

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