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Mortgage Advice for Home Movers

Moving home can be terribly exciting, if not a bit daunting. In many respects, in the current climate, being a home owner can be an advantage. To make the most of this position of strength you have to know the criteria of all the different mortgage deals out there.

Fortunately, our advisers are up to date on all the lending criteria - they are experts in their field after all. And for home movers there are so many advantages in the mortgage market, that it makes sense to get advice in order to make the most of them:

  • Lenders are keen to know they can rely on you to repay your mortgage on time, so a good history of repayments will be working in your favour.
  • Additionally you may have paid off some of your original mortgage, and you may have some equity in your home.

All these things point to you being a good candidate for lending, and therefore better affordability and a better interest rate - meaning you should pay less each month on your mortgage.

So don’t settle for a second-rate mortgage. We can find the best deals for home movers, saving you money which you can put towards the expense of moving.

And when you know how much you can afford, you are in a better position to find and bid for your next home.

If your mortgage needs have changed, your insurance needs are likely to change too. We can also find you the best deals on home and contents, life cover, income protection and more.

If you would like an expert to deal with your mortgage, and any other financial matters, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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