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Moving Home

As we are on our way out of a housing slump, it looks like now is the time to move. The better the mortgage you get, the better the house you can afford - so expert advice is key. And what better adviser could you hope for than one with years of experience in helping people find the ideal mortgage for them? Our advisers live, eat and breathe mortgages. They may not be the most interesting people to have a pint with, but you would struggle to find anyone with more know-how in finding the mortgage that perfectly fits your situation.

You may not realise that Help to Buy is an option for home-movers, and our advisers know how you can get the most out of this scheme. Obviously we think that the best thing to do is to contact us right away, but if you would rather find out a bit more about Help to Buy, the home buying process, or the advantages of mortgage advice, hopefully you will find the following pages useful. 

  • Buying a home in Scotland for home movers The home-buying process in Scotland is different from the rest of the UK. And if it's been some years since you last bought, the process will have cha ...
  • Help to Buy for home movers Help to Buy is about helping people move up the ladder as well as get on it, so most of the government schemes are also available to home movers: He ...
  • Mortgage Advice for Home Movers Moving home can be terribly exciting, if not a bit daunting. In many respects, in the current climate, being a home owner can be an advantage. To make ...

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